Welcome Week by ESN Miskolc

Culture Party Zone University

Date: 4-7 September

Venue: University of Miskolc


Hey-hey! 👋

We hope everyone is just as excited about the first meeting as us. We organized these events for you to get to know each other and make new friends. 🤩

👥 Teambuilding Party (4 Sept.)
Well, the name of the event speaks for itself, the aim of this little party is getting to know each other (both with your fellow Erasmus students and local students). 🗣️ Venue: local club in the student hostel. 🍺

⚽ Sports’ Day & Goulash (5 Sept.)
Ever heard of goulash? 🍲 Since Hungary wasn’t qualified for the World Cup, we are going to combine some outdoor cooking over an open fire 🔥 with some football and other sports as well (basketball, volleyball, etc.). 🏐 It goes without saying that the event is open to everybody, even without wanting to play any sports. 🏀

🗼 City Hunting (6 Sept.)
Now that you have new friends to do fun activities with, we’ll show you where to do this, embarking on an adventure in the city center. 🚶‍ This little adventure will consist of some outdoor activities like treasure hunting and visit local pubs. So yeah. Pub Crawl feat. Treasure Hunting. 🍻

🔐 Escape room (7 Sept.)
Wait, is that a thing? Imagine you were trapped in a mysterious room and you had to solve riddles and puzzles with the time ticking. 🕒 Like in movies… or cartoons. If you solve the tasks in time you’ll be privileged to open the door and escape to freedom. 🗝️ You can go check out the local club to have a fun night out afterward. 🥂

We are going to give you more details about these events later (meeting point, what to bring, costs etc.). So stay tuned! 🔊

See you there! 👀

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