A man stabbed his friend seven times

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Debrecen proposed the upholding of the judgment against the accused, who was sentenced by the Miskolc Court to 10 years in prison and a ban from public affairs for the same period of time for the crime of attempted murder. The accused cannot be released on parole from his prison […]

Man Killed His Colleague in Aranyosapáti

A man murdered his colleague in Aranyosapáti yesterday. The Criminal Division of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters is conducting criminal proceedings against the 46-year-old local resident L. E. for the crime of homicide.


Yoko Ono Show to Open in Hungarian National Museum

An exhibition entitled “War is Over! If You Want It – Tribute to Yoko Ono” will open in the Hungarian National Museum in Budapest next Sunday.

Cinema City’s Cinemas to Open Only in the Afternoon on Weekdays Due to Skyrocketing Energy Prices

It is not yet known how long the restriction will remain in effect.

Largest Hungarian Exhibition in Germany Since 1989 Opens in Berlin

Magyar Modern – Hungarian Art in Berlin 1910-1930, the largest Hungarian art exhibition in Germany since the 1989-90 change in political system, opened on Thursday in the Berlinische Galerie.