Hungarian Film Déva Wins Prize at Cottbus Film Festival


Hungarian Petra Szőcs’s first feature film, Déva, won the Dialog award at the Cottbus film festival, filmmakers said.

The film tells the story of an albino teenager, Kató, living in a children’s home in the Romanian town of Deva (Déva), and her exceptional bond with one of the volunteers there. As she learns that her friend is about to leave, Kató decides to sacrifice another volunteer to keep her. At the Cottbus festival, focusing on central and eastern European films, Déva won the Dialog award for the promotion of intercultural understanding. The festival’s Close Up HU section also screened Gábor Reisz’s Bad Poems, Coyote by Márk Kostyál and János Szász’s The Butcher, the Whore and the One-Eyed Man.

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