Energy Office: gas storage is continuous in Hungary


The Hungarian natural gas market has been concentrating on storage since the beginning of April, the country’s gas supply is currently uninterrupted despite the war in Ukraine, and the Russian side continues to supply long-term contracts from Serbia (Kiskundorozsma) and Austria (Mosonmagyaróvár). the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority (MEKH) on Thursday with MTI.

The statement emphasized that the outbreak of the war did not significantly change border supplies and thus supplies to Hungary. The border crossing point of the new Turkish Stream pipeline was put into operation on the Serbian-Hungarian border in the autumn of 2021, so from 1 October the main entry point specified in the long-term natural gas supply contract was transferred from the Ukrainian border. Outside the Serbian border, there is a steady supply from Austria close to full capacity, and smaller quantities come from Croatia and domestic production is available.

Attention was drawn to the fact that the intensity of storage is expected to be lower during the shutdown of the Turkish Stream pipeline due to scheduled maintenance work, but the supply to users will continue to be uninterrupted during this period.

12-17 million cubic meters of natural gas arrived in the country through the Turkish Stream. During the planned maintenance, in case of a decrease or loss of natural gas from a certain direction, the natural gas traders will ensure the replacement of the required volumes. A significant part of the natural gas imported into the country serves the domestic supply and is stored in underground storage facilities, the export volumes have decreased significantly in the recent period.

It was stressed that the security of natural gas reserves guarantees a continuous supply of natural gas to the country in all circumstances. The security stock, currently at 938 million cubic meters, will increase to 1.2 billion cubic meters from October 1, and replenishment to higher stock levels is ongoing.

According to the announcement, 36.27 percent of the 6.33 billion cubic meters of domestic storage capacity has already been filled. There are currently 2.3 billion cubic meters of natural gas available in underground gas storage facilities. While the universal service provider, MVM Next Zrt., Must store 1.87 billion cubic meters of natural gas for the next winter period, 2022/2023, in order to ensure the safe winter supply of predominantly residential customers in the framework of the universal service. In order to supply it, natural gas traders have also started and are constantly filling up their commercial stocks.

Despite the unfavorable macroeconomic processes and the world political situation, the security of supply of domestic users is adequate, the Energy Office informed.

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