DIGI Raises Prices


DIGI Kft., a member of the 4iG group, is raising the prices of wired internet, telephone and television services – Media1 quotes the company’s announcement.

As they write, it will raise its prices by 14.9 percent from May 1st, referring to the 17.6 percent inflation measured by KSH. DIGI will increase not only the subscription fees, but also the monthly fee discounts available to customers, which will also increase by 14.9 percent from May 1st.

They emphasize that, due to the price correction being 2.7 percentage points below inflation and the delayed correction, DIGI’s prices will change the least among the largest market service providers in 2024. The price increase affects both business and residential customers, but the tariffs of DIGIMobil and DIGINet Aktív 50 tariff packages are not affected by this just announced price increase. Subscribers affected by the price change will be continuously informed by DIGI electronically and in the attachment of the invoice from February 1st.

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