ECB launches review of its monetary policy strategy

Review will encompass quantitative formulation of price stability, monetary policy toolkit, economic and monetary analyses and communication practices Other considerations, such as financial stability, employment and environmental sustainability, will also be part of review Expected to be concluded by end of 2020 Review will be based on thorough analysis and open minds, engaging with all […]

Advocate General Kokott proposes that the Court should find that an agreement in settlement of a dispute between the holder of a pharmaceutical patent and a manufacturer of generic medicinal products may be contrary to EU competition law

Such an agreement may be regarded as a restriction of competition by object or by effect and as an abuse of a dominant position.

Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona: the means and methods of combating terrorism must be compatible with the requirements of the rule of law

The Directive on privacy and electronic communications is applicable, in principle, when the providers of electronic communication services are obliged by law to retain the data of their subscribers and to allow the public authorities access to that data, irrespective of whether those obligations are imposed on national security grounds.