Central European Agriculture Ministers Hold Talks on EU Farm Strategy


Agriculture ministers of the Visegrad Group held a videoconference with their counterparts in Bulgaria, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia on the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy and its Farm to Fork strategy.


Sándor Farkas, a state secretary of the Hungarian agriculture ministry, told the meeting that Hungary supported the sector’s contribution to the fight against climate change and preserving biodiversity. He added, at the same time, that those objectives should be achieved by setting realistic, achievable goals. Farkas said the EU’s strategies were developed without conducting impact studies on their possible effects. Regarding the Farm to Fork Strategy for sustainable food production, Farkas said digitalisation could play an important role in increasing effectiveness and reducing food waste. Farkas said Hungary was committed to reducing the use of pesticides, but also called for “moderation” in the drastic reduction of their use to avoid the spread of harmful invasive species as well as “black technologies”.




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