The Swedish Prime Minister Announced That He Would Meet Orbán in Brussels


Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson announced that he would meet Viktor Orbán in Brussels on Thursday, although the date of the official meeting has not yet been set.

According to the Guardian, the Swedish prime minister told reporters: “We will meet there (in Brussels) and we will have a decent opportunity to talk before the later meeting.”

Hungary and Russia are currently the only members of NATO that have not yet ratified Sweden’s application for membership. After the penultimate Turkish parliament did this last week, Viktor Orbán invited his Swedish official partner to Budapest to discuss the issue of accession and to deepen Hungarian-Swedish bilateral relations. The Swedes then indicated that they would not use the opportunity, and Ulf Kristersson suggested that they meet in Brussels instead. The extraordinary meeting of the European Council on Thursday is a good opportunity for this, at which both of them will hopefully be there.


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