Members of a family attacking police with bricks and forks were convicted in Debrecen

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The court sentenced a father and two sons who had been attacked the police with bricks and iron forks to be sentenced to suspended or suspended custody, – the head of the Central Investigating Prosecutor’s Office.

In his statement, Attorney General Imre Keresztes wrote that the Debrecen Regional Investigation Prosecutor’s Office had indicted one father and two sons at the Miskolc Court for delinquency in preparation for murder, armed violence against an official, attempted grievous bodily harm and minor damage.

The indictment is, in essence, in June 2019, a 24-year-old man with a criminal record requested police action on the grounds that he had fought and was going to kill someone. Based on the report, three police cars arrived at the scene, which the man – standing in front of them – forced to a stop, then headed for the police getting out of the car and raised his hand to punch, shouting and threatening to abuse her. Police used tear gas against the man.

The man’s brother then threw a block of about 20 kilograms of concrete to the left front wheel of one of the service cars, breaking off its wheel trim. He then threw a brick at the police, who managed to bend in time, but the brick still hit the police car, causing about two hundred thousand forints in damage.

As police took action against the older man, the brothers ’49-year-old father also appeared, pushing the three handcuffed policemen to the ground and then trying to pull them off his son.

The police broke the resistance of the older boy and his father and drove them towards the service car when the younger man set off for them with an iron fork, then turned it five meters away to three police officers, shouting, “I’ll kill you, stab you.” It was prevented by the acquaintances of the man from reaching the man in the immediate vicinity of the police officers.

The attorney general said the court found the defendants guilty, sentenced the younger man to five years six months, his older brother four years to prison, and their father to two years, three years and six months suspended.

The verdict was not final, against which all concerned appealed.

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