Man brutally murders a woman who willingly let him into her apartment

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According to the Debrecen General Prosecutor’s Office, there is no possibility of relief in the case of a violent multiple recidivist convicted of qualified homicide.

By a non-final judgment of the Miskolc Court, the accused was sentenced to extrajudicial homicide and robbery as violent multiple recidivism punishable by life imprisonment. The tribunal also applied a confiscation measure commensurate with the amount abducted.

The court ruled that the victim lived alone in her apartment in Ózd, where she was admitted in November 2019 in the company of previously known persons. The wandering, alcoholic defendant returned the next day on the pretext of holding the owner of the apartment to account for the whereabouts of a cell phone he thought was lost. When the victim let him in, the defendant first hit her in the face and then left, taking the mobile phone on the table that belonged to the victim. The device, worth HUF 41,000, was sold shortly afterward for HUF 5,000.

The accused returned to the apartment again in the late afternoon the next day. He opened the victim’s door and let her question him about taking the phone. However, the accused began to abuse her again, punching her all over her body with his fists and palms, and also hit her head several times. When the victim fell to the ground during the abuse, the brutal perpetrator kicked and trampled her several times. After that, he noticed that the victim was bleeding heavily, and – fearing the consequences – he left quickly and traveled to Budapest. The woman left alone without assistance died at the scene. Police arrested the perpetrator three days later in a homeless hotbed in the capital.

The victim’s abuse was of a protracted nature, causing above-average physical and mental suffering. The victim suffered such severe injuries that even immediate, professional medical care could not have saved her life.

The accused testified before the tribunal, including his guilt. Having previously been sentenced twice to imprisonment for the crime of robbery, he committed the crime of murder as a violent multiple recidivist. According to the mandatory provision of the Code of Criminal Procedure, since a classified case of homicide is also an act punishable by life imprisonment, the perpetrator must be sentenced to indefinite imprisonment in such a case. The Penal Code also provides that violent multiple relapses cannot be released from life imprisonment to parole.

In the opinion of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Debrecen, the judgment of the court of first instance is lawful and well-founded, therefore the announced defense appeals cannot lead to a result. The accused of an aggressive nature is a particularly dangerous person to society, and his long-term exclusion from the community of law-abiding people cannot be ignored.

The accused and his defense counsel filed an appeal to mitigate the sentence, which will be adjudicated by the Debrecen Court of Appeal.

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