Wagon Derailed on the Main Line in Miskolc, the Recovery May Take Several Days

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One of the cars of a freight train derailed early Thursday morning between Miskolc and Nyékládháza, traffic on one track will be suspended until the restoration, which is expected to take several days, Mávinform reported on the railway company’s website.


The derailment of the wagon was probably not noticed by the locomotive driver, so the wagon, which continued in the assembly but ran alongside the tracks, damaged approximately nine thousand concrete floors, road crossings’ covering elements and a switch in Nyékládháza in five and a half kilometers.

The journey time of passenger trains may increase by 5-10 minutes, and in peak times by 10-20 minutes. The traffic is being reorganized, some trains may run on shorter routes or may be omitted. For example, the passenger train departing from Miskolc to Füzesabony at 1:56 p.m. is not running, its passengers can travel to Füzesabony on the next passenger train departing from Miskolc at 2:33 p.m., they explained.


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