One Million HUF Collected for the Transportation of Mentally Disabled Children for Szimbiózis Foundation

Local News

As we previously wrote, a hundred intellectually disabled children cannot go to school from Monday, because one million HUF is missing from the gas money without a price cap. Szimbiózis Foundation in Miskolc transports intellectually disabled children home from the special school in special minibuses.

So far, four buses have been used to transport more than a hundred children every day. From Monday, however, the bus service will cease, because the special buses can no longer refuel with gasoline with a price cap, so they have now “refueled” the planned cost for this year.

RTL News has now learned that the missing one million HUF was collected over the weekend. Szimbiózis Foundation thus only had to miss one day in the service due to financial obstacles, even though the foundation in Miskolc could not take needy children to school until the winter break. However, they are still happy to accept supporting offers.

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