International School in Debrecen – The Future of Education


Forbes Magazine has just published an article about the International School of Debrecen which is to be opened in September, 2019. The school will be the first international school in Hungary.The International School of Debrecen (ISD) is being built in Pallag, next to Debrecen. According to Forbes Magazine, the school is one of the most important, most advanced and unique development of the city. The International School will not be just a multinational institution, but it will serve as a global and effective pedagogical model.

According to János Öreg, director of the institution, the most important questions of today’s education are the followings: Is it sure that today’s classical intellectual professions will be needed in twenty years? Or are today’s students going to create their own jobs according to the industrial challenges of the future? What will they need for that and what useful things can we teach them so that they can be successful in their future professions?


The main goal of the International School of Debrecen is to train balanced, well-prepared and motivated young adults who are able to think, and who are open, creative, and who can work in groups and accept other people’s opinions.

In the International School of Debrecen, the teaching method will be different than in a traditional educational institution. There will be subjects, but the usual hierarchy (languages, sciences and art subjects) will be overwritten, and students should be able to use them at the same time. Performance will be measured not in figures but in productions, grades will only be illustrations of textual evaluation.

Education in the International School of Debrecen can last from kindergarten to international matriculation, but students will be able to join the school any time. The first classes will be launched in September next year, with two kindergarten groups and two primary school groups. According to the plans, in five or six years, there will be five hundred students studying in the International School, and the tuition fee will be between 2,4 and 4,7 million HuF per academic year, depending on the student’s age.


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