Fidesz ‘voluntarily suspends’ activities in EPP


Hungary’s ruling Fidesz has decided to “voluntarily suspend its participation” in the activities of the European People’s Party “for the time being”, news portal Origo reported on Wednesday.

According to Origo, the European People Party will “not eject Fidesz nor suspend its membership”. During the time of its voluntary suspension, Fidesz will have talks with the EPP’s evaluation committee, the portal reported. The EPP is discussing proposals aimed at ejecting Fidesz from the group, at its assembly in Brussels currently under way.

Fidesz party considers it worth remaining a member of the European People’s Party (EPP) as long as it stays clear from identifying fully with a pro-migration policy, the prime minister’s cabinet chief told public Kossuth radio’s morning programme.

According to Gergely Gulyás, the head of the PM’s Office, Fidesz wants a strong, united, Christian democratic European People’s Party that opposes migration, adding that Fidesz wants to remain in the center-right bloc as long as there is a chance of the EPP embracing these values.

Orbán: Fidesz unilaterally suspends exercising its rights in EPP

Hungary’s ruling Fidesz has unilaterally suspended exercising its rights as a member of the European People’s Party, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said at an international press conference after an EPP meeting in Brussels.



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