2 Italian police officers killed, 3 wounded by robbery suspects

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Two Italian policemen have been shot dead after a suspect ‘with psychiatric problems’ grappled an officer before ‘shooting at point blank range’ and fleeing.

Pierluigi Rotta, 34, and Matteo De Menego, 31, had taken two brothers of Dominican origin – who were suspects in a theft – in to the Trieste Police Headquarters before they were both shot dead, according to Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra.

The younger of the brothers, aged 29 and 32, who is thought to have psychiatric problems, asked to go to the toilet before attacking his accompanying officer, according to the newspaper.

Grabbing his gun the suspect fatally shot both officers and left another injured just after 5pm today, it was reported.

A tweet by State Police reads: ‘Police Chief Gabrielli and Interior Minister Lamorgese are reaching Trieste to support families of Pierluigi and Matteo and expressing sympathy to the women and men of the police headquarters in Via Tor Bandena and to all of Trieste.’

Mr Rotta, from Pozzuoli but born in Naples, had served with the force from June 2016 and Mr Demenego was assigned to Trieste on September 24, 2013. He celebrated his birthday just a week ago.


Source: dailymail.co.uk


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