Man Hit By Train – Delays Expected on the Debrecen Line


Due to the accident, we can expect 40-60 minutes delays on the Debrecen line.


Between Üllő and Vecsés, a person was hit by the S50 train from Cegléd to Nyugati railway station – Mávinform informed MTI in the early afternoon of July 5th.

They wrote that track renovation is also taking place on one of the tracks in the affected section, so train traffic will be suspended during the investigation.

On the Budapest-Cegléd-Szolnok-Debrecen-Záhony and Budapest-Cegléd-Szeged lines, the journey time should be 40-60 minutes longer.

Szeged InterCity trains run to Monor and return to Szeged from there. The zoning trains travel to Vecsés and return to the Nyugati railway station from there. Replacement buses run between Vecsés and Üllő instead of zoning trains, and between Vecsés and Monor instead of Szeged InterCity buses.

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