Death of the Little Boy in Polgár: His Mother Spoke Out


Tragedy shook the city of Polgár in the past few days: a two-year-old boy died who, according to primary information, fell down the stairs. It was later revealed that the child’s death was caused by his foster mother.

Danika’s biological mother and grandmother also spoke to TV2 channel. According to the mother, her little son had been hurt by his adoptive mother before. Their two-year-old son and five-year-old brother were taken away from the woman in Kaba because the conditions at home were considered unsuitable. That’s how Danika ended up in Polgár, at foster parents. Their biological mother visited them and said that Danika must have been mistreated by her foster parents.

There were many times when the little boy had bruises on his body, so the child was beaten. His leg was broken, and now he has died. First, the foster mother did not dare to tell the truth. She said that Danika had fallen down the stairs alone, and then she said that she had been holding the little boy when they fell together.

The foster mother is being investigated for life-threatening bodily harm, she may receive up to 8 years in prison. Danika’s brother was taken from foster parents, and the family from Kaba wants the child to be returned to them.

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