At the End of the Month, the World Championship of Young Draft Horses Will Be Held Again in Szilvásvárád


Between August 25th and 28th, the Lipica Equestrian Center in Szilvásvárad will host the world championship for young draft horses again. Minister of Agriculture István Nagy added during his announcement at Monday’s press conference in Budapest: during the four-day competition, three age groups, 5, 6 and 7-year-old horses, will present their performance in the arena.

“There are no four horses here in front of a cart, but the relationship between horse and man, their struggle for themselves and each other, is also reflected” – the minister emphasized.

István Nagy recalled that the Lipica Equestrian Center in Szilvásvárad, handed over in 2018 as part of the Kincsem National Equestrian Program, became known throughout Europe in a short time. It became a regular meeting place for sport riders, stuntmen and historical traditionists as well as horse enthusiasts. It is one of the racetracks in the world that can serve all equestrian disciplines in one place. Dávid Cseri, head of the State Stud Farm in Szilvásvárad, explained that the World Championship for young draft horses was held in Mezőhegyes in recent years, and Szilvásvárad took over the baton in 2021.

According to his information, nearly 60 horses took part in the World Championship last year, and 52 this year. This year, the United States joined the event, but horses and riders come from Norway, Germany and Italy, as well as Austria. He also mentioned that the Szilvásvárad Állami Ménesgazdaság and the Lipica breed are represented by Balázs Dani Marcell, who a few weeks ago won the national championship title in the category of two-wheelers. István Nagy and Dávid Cseri also talked about the fact that on August 20th, from eight o’clock in the evening, the Lipica International Historical Equestrian Gala will be held again at the Lipica Equestrian Center in Szilvásvárad.

The equestrian theater show presents the equestrian history of Hungary, the most important scenes of which are related to the stud farm and show the long-suffering but at the same time glorious past of the more than four-century-old Lipizzan breed.

Stuntmen and riders from all over the world will perform, accompanied by live folk music. The Minister of Agriculture emphasized that, in addition to investments and infrastructural developments, the government has been supporting equestrian events, equestrian sports and horse sports for almost a decade – for example with HUF 173.8 million this year. This covers the training of replacements and helps the professional work of stud farms operating as budgetary bodies.


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