Exhibition at the REÖK with ESN Szeged


❗️Dear Beautiful People ❗️🙌

We kindly invite you to an Exhibition 🖌 of János Aknay at the REÖK 🏛 (Regional art center)

Explore 👀 the magical paintings of János Aknay 👨‍🎨, a contemporary Hungarian 🇭🇺 artist. We invite you to an interactive guided tour where you can discover his „heavenly ☁️ and earthly 🌍 geometry” – and see how his works are in an intriguing contrast with the beautiful Art nouveau 🌸 building.
Aknay is one of the most important Hungarian artists of our days, who filtered through himself the confusing decades of the 20th century – as well as the early part of the 21st century – raging with unbridled visuality so that he could dazzle with his colour selection 🎨, unearthly symbology and non-figurativeness. During the visit you’ll not only learn about his art but also the country’s late 20th century history, the so-called “Szentendre school” and a lot more.🤓🤓
The guided tour is free💵❌, only gallery admission (500 HUF per person) is required.

❗️The spots are limited, only 15 people can come❗️
You can register here until Wednesday or until any spot is available: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AS5Iqe8wT0KWxu889j5eFkR-IhwD_gKpKWSa2BJSMMs/edit?usp=sharing

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